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Cash Peters - Life Matter - Just Energy

Does Your Life Matter
Cash Peters

Cash Peters speaks to the heart and soul of every one of us and offers a timeless recipe for abundance, joy, wholeness, and peace of mind.


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About Cash Peters

Cash Peters is an award-winning author and journalist. He is also a naturally gifted handwriting analyst who, almost twenty years ago, discovered that he had an amazing and significant talent for perceiving other people’s energy through their writing and then channeling an interpretation of that energy.

Since then, he has written three books on the subject, including Instant Insight, published by Warner Books, and The Telltale Alphabet, with Loveday Miller, published by Corgi.

His books have been serialized in Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mail in the UK, and The National Enquirer. Plus, Cash has acted as a paid consultant to the Smithsonian Institution and appeared on numerous TV shows, including Entertainment Tonight, The view and the Montel Williams Show, demonstrating his uncanny skills for interpreting handwriting.

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