Writers Guidelines

Writers Guideline

Just Energy Radio – Writers Guidelines

Our goal is to educate our readers with prevailing trends, recent finds and new theories in the all areas of alternative thought. We are actively seeking article submissions on topics that include (but are not limited to) ancient aliens, UFOs and alien abductions, the paranormal, conspiracy theories, health, healing and spirituality.

We are looking for original work but are also open to republishing work that has appeared elsewhere.

We ask that all pieces be written in a professional tone and in the third person. We publish a range of voices and writing styles, therefore we encourage writers to write with his/her own personal touch and flair.Stories with sex, profanity, excessive violence or topics outside those identified above will not be considered.

We accept a number of different article types and lengths:

Standard Article ~ 500-900 words.

Feature Article ~ 1800-2200 words.

Book Reviews ~ 300 word minimum.

Just Energy Radio is also on the lookout for online video content! Contact us for more details.


Articles Submissions

Please contact us using our online contact form before submitting your article.  All submitted articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word or a comparable word-processing program. All submissions are subject to an editorial review process, proofing and possible headline change.

We also ask to help us help you by making your article more web friendly. (Articles may be modified to optimize them for web searches.) To help us in this,

Please use subheadlines to break up longer pieces.

Please submit at least four suggested keywords, separated by commas.



Please include a 50-word biography of yourself as well as the URL to your webpage so that we can include it at the end of the article.



Writers should submit 3-4 high quality royalty free/public domain JPG images for every article. These images should support the topic you are trying to convey to your reader.

Please DO NOT embed graphics within article. Graphic must be sent separately

If the images do not belong to you, or are not “free”, then either include the copyright notice for each image or do not send them at all.


Final Note:

Submission of your article does not guarantee publication. In addition, Just Energy Radio does pay for article submissions.


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