Weight Loss: Dealing With Food Addictions – Josh LaJuanie

Josh Lajaunie on Just Energy Radio

Weight Loss: Dealing With Food Addictions
Josh LaJuanie

Josh LaJuanie accomplished what some would deem impossible, dropping over 200 pounds and a life-long addiction to unhealthy foods & lifestyle habits to discover a passion for running. A journey that led him to completing multiple marathons and more recently his first ultramarathon. He didn’t just lose weight. And he didn’t just keep the weight off. He became an athlete.  A real athlete.

Most impressive is how he faced, battled and overcame astounding, impossibly entrenched cultural obstacles to change everything about how he lives his life. A gift he now freely and quite joyously shares, permanently transforming the lives of everyone who crosses his path.

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About Josh LaLaunie

I found myself at 400lbs by the time I was in my early 30’s. However, in the past couple years I have lost over 200lbs and turned the tide on my health trajectory via the power of eating plants and running miles. And now I spend most of my waking moments trying to pound the drum of plants and running as a way to achieve a natural, non-diseased human existence; and swinging a giant sledge hammer at the current health/nutrition  paradigms. Granted, I’m a laymen, but I’m also the product of my own primary research. So, just hear me out. Peace.





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