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Strange Stories Of Underworld Experiences


You may in the past have come across odd stories of underworld experiences.  Many are considered nothing more than ancient legend, about explorers finding huge underground areas the size of small cities. These underground locations would often have strange artifacts, perhaps even ones which would be considered anomalous by the currently held beliefs of scientists. Such stories may include even more novelty – reports of reptilian humanoid creatures which live underground, or vast amounts of valuable treasures. If you dig deep enough, you will learn that these reptilian beings – of which there may be several sorts – only inhabit caves where people are not commonly exploring. Clearly if the underground reptilians exist, they do not wish to have much interaction with us surface dwellers.

Then there are stories about strange men, perhaps creatures, rising from the ground during the darkest hours of the night. These creatures would sometimes have an appearance similar to that of Spring Heeled Jack. Glowing red eyes and a black cape would often be the defining characteristics of a sighting. The creature would sometimes chase people, perhaps just for a thrill, as no credible reports exist that this strange beast has ever physically harmed anyone.

A commonly known idea by some of those that live on the fringe is that there are entrances to the underground all around us – but these passageways are guarded or blocked, most often by visual or mental illusionary tricks. Perhaps this is a method employed by all sort of beings to hide all types of strange things from us, those which would otherwise be in our plain sight.

There is also the story of Mel’s Hole and his underworld experiences. While exploring his property on an occasion, Mel Waters discovered what appeared to be a deep hole in his backyard. The circular hole was approximately 8 feet across at the top, and continued downwards in a relatively straight fashion. After much investigation, Mel concluded that the hole was the deepest in the world. So deep, in fact, that he was unable to find the bottom after lowering down various assortments of things. Mel Waters originally revealed the existence of the hole to the world on the Art Bell radio program, and by the same time the next day, the military had taken over his property under the excuse of a plane crash. Unfortunately, the location of the hole since then remains a mystery.

No lack of strange reports exist about the underground world, be it far out experiences or general scientific knowledge. I wonder if one day we will be able to discover what truly lies beneath our feet.


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