UFO’s Over Texas: The Stephenville Sighting – Ken Cherry


Ken Cherry on Just Energy Radio

The Stephenville UFO

Ken Cherry

In January of 2008 the citizens of Stephenville, TX, were astounded to witness a series of unexplained lights and craft flying over their skies, chased by military jets. These sightings would set off a series of events that would quickly become one of the most controversial and well documented UFO cases in US history.   Ken Cherry, who has spent a lifetime investigating UFOs will delve into the intricate web of government conspiracies and an evil plot that threatens the very existence of humanity.

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About Ken Cherry

Ken Cherry is a fifth generation Texan and a US Marine Corp veteran. He was the Texas State Director for MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) for over ten years. At the time of the Stephenville event, Cherry headed up a team of investigators that conducted extensive research and analysis of the mass sighting for an entire year.

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