The UFO Phenomenon: What Is The Government Really Covering Up? – AR Roberts

AR Roberts UFO phenomenon

Why Do We Know So Little About The Ongoing UFO Phenomenon?

Ancient megalithic structures, biblical stories, prehistoric art and cave paintings point to the existence of ongoing UFO phenomena including extraterrestrial life–and with advanced technology, new recordings, and the Internet, more evidence points to their continued presence today.

Why, then, do we the public know so little about this ongoing UFO phenomenon? Why has the media ignored credible reports from eyewitnesses and ufologists? And why have world governments suppressed these facts from their citizens?

In this episode we will be speaking with AR Roberts about his new book UFO’s: What Is The Government Really Covering Up?  Allen takes a step back and offers an in-depth survey of the UFO phenomenon as a whole. Using familiar case studies of alien encounters as examples, he casts a wide net that shows a clear pattern of extraterrestrial visitation and the ensuing cover-up by US and world governments.



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About A.R. Roberts

A.R. Roberts first spotted a UFO when he was a volunteer in the Ground Observer Corps (GOC) during the Cold War in 1954. The GOC scanned the skies when on duty Friday nights, reporting all aircraft flying over the area to an Air Force Filter Center. Now Roberts has compiled his discoveries and conjectures from 60 years of studying UFO phenomena.

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