UFO Disclosure: Extraterrestrial Life On Earth – Miguel Mendonca

Miguel Mendonca UFO disclosure

What Researchers, Activists, Radio Hosts, Therapists and Military Whistle Blowers Have To Say About UFO Disclosure

For 70 years the authorities have employed a policy of secrecy, denial and ridicule to keep the subject of alien life visiting the earth convert.  But as people worldwide continue to experience various contact phenomena, the responsibility of researching, reporting and UFO disclosure has fallen to you, me and everyone around us.

In this episode we will be talking to Miguel Mendonca about his new books We Are the Disclosure -Part 1 & 2.  Miguel has surveyed UFO writers, researchers, activists, radio hosts, therapists, military whistle blowers and a microbiologist to create what he calls the bottom-up UFO Disclosure process.  Who trusts the government these days anyway, but maybe people like Michael Cremo, Klaus Dona, Stanton Friedman, Jim Marrs, Mary Rodwell, Alfred Lambremont Webre, Jerry Wills, oh wait, and yours truly, can open the door to the possibility of the existence of UFOs and the extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

Miguel coauthored the bestselling book Meet the Hybrids with Barbara Lamb, a study of the lives of eight ET-human hybrids living on Earth.



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About Miguel Mendonca

Miguel Mendonça is an Anglo-Azorean author based in Bristol, England. After studying and working in forestry and horticulture, he gained an honors degree in geography and history then studied social science and environmental ethics at postgraduate level.

Miguel worked in the sustainability field for six years, specializing in renewable energy policy. While serving as Research Manager for an international NGO he lectured widely and wrote textbooks, articles and papers, providing an evidence base for campaigners from NGOs, politics, finance, industry and civil society around the world to push for new or better renewable energy laws.

After publishing a collection of short fiction in 2011 he began to research the ET field in depth. In 2015 he co-authored Meet the Hybrids with Barbara Lamb, a study of the lives of eight ET-human hybrids living on Earth.



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