Under A Trump Moon: Predictions for 2017 – John Hogue


John Hogue Shares His Predictions For 2017


What does 2017 hold for us.  With the election of Donald Trump many of us are unsure of where we are heading domestically and internationally.  How will “the Donald” fair when so many Americans are against him?  Will they come around and learn to like him or will the seeds of our demise be forever in the air.

But Donald Trump is not the world.  What is in store for us as we take a look at the world market, the balance of power and the world economy.  And now that Trump is in office, what with this wild card of a president have on world events and policies.

In this episode we will be speaking with the master of prophecies and a good friend John Hogue about his predictions for 2017.


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About John Hogue


John Hogue, defines himself as a “Rogue” Scholar.  He is a world-renowned expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus and other prophetic traditions and is the best-selling author of numerous books, including Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies and Nostradamus: The New Millennium, The Millennium Book of Prophecy, The Last Pope, and Messiahs: The Visions and Prophecies for the Second Coming. His work has brought him international acclaim.

Futurist, accurate forecaster in his own right, creator of hogueprophecy.com, what has been called the “Huffington Post of prophecy websites”, Hogue has received wide international recognition appearing on over 100 television and 1,000 blog and talk radio shows on five continents.  His books have been published in 18 languages and sold over one million copies worldwide. In addition, he has appeared on over 700 radio and television shows on three continents.



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