The Starchild Skull: Human Or Extraterrestrial – Melanie Young

Melanie Young - Starchild Skull - Extraterrestrial Human Genetic Engineering


Is The Enigmatic Starchild Skull Human Or A Extraterrestrial Entity?


What is the Starchild skull. If you haven’t heard of it, you are in for a treat today. We will be talking to Melanie Young about this enigmatic cranium that seems to defy classification.   While mainstream science has stepped away from it because it does not fit within known anatomical criteria, Melanie and the late Lloyd Pye have embraced the skull seeking to unravel it’s mystery.

The Starchild Skull is a 900-year-old bone skull found in Mexico in the 1930s. The Starchild Project has been working with independent researchers attempting to determine what this unusual skull is since 1999. The results uncovered by the research team ruled out all known deformities, and presented the scientific community with a genetic and physical profile so different from human that it could be a new species.

Ongoing DNA testing has already discovered a high percentage of unusual DNA, and the Project aims to recover the entire genome, which will allow experts to determine if the Starchild Skull is a new species. Eventually we hope that this Skull will assist in the development of scientific and medical advances.

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About Melanie Young

Melanie Young co-founded the Starchild Project with Lloyd Pye in 1999, after she was given an unusual skull later dubbed the “Starchild Skull”, from a private collection.  As a neonatal nurse Melanie recognized that it was not a common deformity, and felt it deserved scientific investigation. Melanie has appeared in documentaries such as National Geographic’s “Ancient Astronauts”, and continues to give lectures and radio interviews about the Starchild Skull.

Melanie received her nursing education from Methodist School of Nursing, in Lubbock ,Texas, graduating in 1984. She specialized in Neonatal Nursing for over 15 years, caring for critically ill newborns and pediatric patients. She spent the majority of her career in a teaching hospital where she obtained experience and understanding of both common and rare deformities and genetic mutations.

During her career as a nurse she taught nursing students and Medical students basic assessment skills and technical skills in dealing with critically ill newborns.

Melanie is also a Massage Therapist and owned a wellness clinic for another 10 years. During this time she taught advanced anatomy and physiology at a local community college. Later she was asked to develop and run a therapeutic massage program at the high standards required by entry level colleges. She was considered by many to be one of the top Massage Therapists and Massage Therapy Instructors in the state of Texas. She has taught numerous massage classes through the state and internationally.

Her expertise in anatomy and her nursing background have proven invaluable in her role within the Starchild Project. She worked closely with Lloyd Pye at conferences and lectures, and is currently the Chief Ethics Officer of the Starchild Project, ensuring that all research and operations are conducted to the highest ethical standards.

Melanie is part of a strong and growing team of dedicated volunteers committed to solving the mysteries of the Starchild skull.

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