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The Myth Of Stephen Hawkins
Marshall Barnes

Barnes smashes through the myth of Stephen Hawking with the annihilating force of an accelerated particle in an atom smasher, destroying all elements of the Hawking myth that get in his way on the path toward the actual realization of the nature of reality and time that Hawking has only pretended to attempt to resolve. Among the fragments of these collisions are the names and reputaions of Hawking’s most idealistic supporters, whether they be trolls or media talking heads, shattered by the revelation of the falsification of their rants and worshipful hyperbole. The extent to which some of them have gone to protect the idea of Hawking as unassailable genius, will strike you as especially unsettling for the lengths of the lies, libel and ludicrous defenses that they have mounted – from newspaper reporters to a Cambridge University biologist. Even the legal department of Cal Tech fails to escape indictment when they were foolish enough to mount a seriously flawed defense of a racially charged cartoon that they had released by Hawking, one that foreshadows the accusations today that “black lives don’t matter”.

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About Marshall Barnes

Over the last few years, Barnes has made waves by claiming he not only discovered a flaw in one of physicist Stephen Hawking’s time travel scenarios but also that he is on the brink of making traveling through time feasible.

Marshall Barnes,  a research and development engineer and conceptual theorist,  with a specialty in theoretical physics, but not likely to ever be content with a theory.  He expands his brain, and therefore his mind, and is creating innovative projects and opportunities for young students to do the same. With National Lab Network (NLP) an initiative that connect K-12 teachers with (STEM) Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) professionals to bring hands-on learning experiences to children in all 50 states. Education in middle schools.  Plus Marshall’s guitar, advanced use of technology, and most important; they know they can learn anything, because Marshall gives them interesting puzzles in advanced science with the confidence that they can!




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