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The Lost City Of Exodus
Ahmed Osman

When the first archaeologists visited Egypt in the late 1800s, they arrived in the eastern Nile Delta to verify the events described in the biblical Book of Exodus. Several locations believed to be the city of the Exodus were found but all were later rejected for lack of evidence. This led many scholars to dismiss the Exodus narrative merely as a myth that borrowed from accounts of the Hyksos expulsion from Egypt. But as Ahmed Osman shows, the events of Exodus have a historical basis and the ruins of the ancient city of Zarw, where the Road to Canaan began, have been found.

Drawing on decades of research as well as recent archaeological findings in Egypt, Ahmed Osman reveals the exact location of the lost city of the Exodus as well as his 25-year effort to have this finding confirmed by the Egyptian government, including his heated debates with Zahi Hawass, former Egyptian Minister for Antiquities Affairs. He explains why modern scholars have been unable to find the city of the Exodus: they are looking in the wrong historical period and thus the wrong region of Egypt. He details his extensive research on the Pentateuch of the Hebrew scriptures, the historical scenes recorded in the great hall of Karnak, and other ancient source texts, which allowed him to pinpoint the Exodus site after he discovered that the Exodus happened not during the pharaonic reign of Ramses II but during that of his grandfather Ramses I.

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About Ahmed Osman

Ahmed Osman is an Egyptologist, who was born in Cairo in 1934 and has been living in London since1965. He studied law at Ein Shams University and worked as a journalist at Akhbar el Yom, before moving to Britain in the early sixties to further his research and studies.  Ahmed set out to demonstrate that the roots of Western religious beliefs lie, not in the land of Palestine, but in Egypt, and this provides the background to his books Stranger in the Valley of the Kings, Moses: Pharaoh of Egypt, The House of the Messiah, and Out Of Egypt.

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