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AR Roberts provides a commonsense approach and a logical evaluation of the most credible evidence available—evidence compiled by reliable researchers and investigators. He examines a plethora of questions.  AR Roberts want to know:  Are UFOs real? Were extraterrestrials involved with ancient civilizations?  Are aliens abducting people and performing strange tests and examinations?  Does the Bible reveal evidence of extraterrestrial visitation?  Did the US Air Force really retrieve crashed UFOs and alien bodies?  Are the military, the government, and NASA hiding the truth?  Is there evidence of an alien agenda?

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About AR Roberts

The UFO subject is a very complex jigsaw puzzle comprised of many pieces, And I discovered there were many pieces that had been overlooked because they were never recognized as even being a part of the puzzle. Because of the many different aspects: Crash Retrievals, Government Secrecy, Disinformation, a Hostile Factor, Alien Technology, Abductions, Hybrids, Men In Black, the Biblical Connection, and much, much more, I used the word Phenomena, the plural of Phenomenon, in the subtitle of the book. And I examined each and every one of these issues in great detail.

I am not a UFO fanatic. I don’t go out every night searching the skies for flying saucers. Had it not been for my experience in 1955, I never would have considered pursuing the subject to the extent that I have. My research and studies were conducted with a skeptical, but open mind and with no preconceived conclusions. It was all based on logic and common sense. Eventually, a logical scenario began to take shape, one that, at first, I found rather hard to take seriously. So the last two years was spent reviewing and re-analyzing the information only to conclude my original evaluation offered the only scenario that made any sense. The vast amount of evidence I present supports my ideas. But as I state throughout the book, evidence does not necessarily constitute proof. I have remained fair and objective and I have included, where applicable, opposing viewpoints. And although I present an overwhelming amount of compelling evidence, I leave it up to the reader to draw his, or her, own conclusions.


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