Ancient Alchemy: Healing For Personal, Planetary & Universal Health – Jennifer Gehl

Ancient Alchemy Examines Ancient Healing Traditions & The Cosmos   Ancient Alchemy is the root of modern chemistry and medicine. Ancient medicine prior to, and up to, the time of Hippocrates, was based on the proper management of life force energy, also known as Qi, Ki, and Kundalini. In this episode … More …

Former FBI Agent John DeSouza Shares Tales Of Extra-Dimensional Beings


Alien Extra-Dimensional Visitors Are Visiting The Earth   Is more to this world than what you can perceive with your five senses?  Extra-Dimensionality is the key to understanding everything…  Understanding the Extra-Dimensional phenomena is the way to unfold the truth of the paranormal, the spiritual and even the physical world. … More …

EFT Manual (Emotional Freedom Technique) – Gary Craig

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

Gary Craig’s EFT Manual Tapping Your Way To Health & Emotional Freedom   Gary Craig was the creator of EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques.  Of all the energy therapies (and there are dozens), EFT is the most widely applied and is gaining the most interest. Why? It’s simple. It’s effective. It’s … More …

Astrology Predictions Identify Healing Gemstone Rings

Gemstone Rings - Gemstones - Astrology - Vedic

The Truth Of Gemstone Rings In Vedic Astrology By Dinesh Sharma Gemstones or gems are precious stones with benefic influence. Ancient Vedic texts and scriptures indicate gems would influence natives physically and mentally. They yield positive and negative effects on human lives. It has been observed that as each planet … More …

How To Tap Into Your Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities - Psychic Development

Tapping Into Your Psychic Abilities: The Intuitive Experience Unveiled Are you longing to tap into your intuition but don’t know how. In the last thirty years the interest in the paranormal, extrasensory-perception (ESP) and the use of psychic abilities has escalated. Beyond your basic Steven King novel, the idea of...

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Introduction To The Chakras: Chakras For Beginners

Chakras - Subtle Energy

Introduction To The Chakras: A Beginners Guide What are the chakras.  What role do they play in my life?  What is their function?  Dr. Rita Louise provides a brief video introduction to the chakra system, their role and their function. Dr. Rita Louise is the founder of the Institute Of Applied...

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