Introduction To The Chakras: Chakras For Beginners

Chakras - Subtle Energy

Introduction To The Chakras: A Beginners Guide What are the chakras.  What role do they play in my life?  What is their function?  Dr. Rita Louise provides a brief video introduction to the chakra system, their role and their function. Dr. Rita Louise is the founder of the Institute Of Applied...

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Spontaneous Healing: Beyond Space & Time – Frank Huguenard

Frank Huguenard on Just Energy Radio

08/20/15 Spontaneous Healing:  Beyond Space & Time Frank Huguenard   We have all heard of spontaneous healings, or people with only days left to live who’ve been seen by a *healer* and then gone on to live a happy and productive life.  There are dozens of different healing modalities from … More …