Ancient Serpent Gods: Reptilians In Antiquity – Betsey Lewis

Betsey Lewis - Ancient Serpent Gods

The Worldwide Fascination With Reptilians Our Ancient Serpent Gods   Cultures around the world have worshiped the serpent at one point in time in their history.  These ancient serpent gods are said to have lived in beneath the earth or in the depths of the primordial sea.  Are these stories … More …

Enuma Elish: Babylonian Epic Of Creation

Enuma Elish

The Babylonian Epic Of Creation The Enuma Elish   Translated by L. W. King The Enuma Elish is the Babylonian and Assyrian legends concerning the creation of the world and humankind.   It is one of the oldest stories known to mankind and predates the book of Genesis.  The seven tablets … More …

The Mythological Weapons Of The Gods – Video

mythological weapons of the gods

The Mythological Weapons Of The Gods   Mythological weapons wielded by the gods commonly appear in mythology. Myths and symbols found in Indian, for example, readily appear in the oral and written descriptions of other cultures. They also appear in their artistic images. The symbol of thunder as a thunder...

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