Real Human Alien Hybrids: The Secrets Of Dulce NM – Jamie “JP” Robinson

Jamie Robinson - Real Human Alien Hybrids

Are World Governments Engineering Real Human Alien Hybrids? Stories of the underground bases at Dulce, NM have been floating around the internet for a long time.  Some say that the activity in these locations are a joint venture between a clandestine group funded by the US government, the grays and … More …

The Starchild Skull: Human Or Extraterrestrial – Melanie Young

Melanie-Young-Extraterrestrial-Human-Genetic-Engineering - Star Child Skull

  Is The Enigmatic Starchild Skull Human Or A Extraterrestrial Entity?   What is the Starchild skull. If you haven’t heard of it, you are in for a treat today. We will be talking to Melanie Young about this enigmatic cranium that seems to defy classification.   While mainstream science has … More …

Reptilian Extraterrestrials, Underground Bases & Myth

Reptilians - Underground Bases

Are Reptilians Living In Underground Bases Controlling The Earth?   By Dr. Rita Louise Deep in north central New Mexico is the sleepy little town of Dulce. Dulce is located on the Archuleta Mesa on the Colorado – New Mexico Border. It is home to about 3000 residents and is … More …

Directed Panspermia: The Case for Extraterrestrial Intervention

Directed Panspermia

Was Life Seeded On Earth Using Directed Panspermia? By Will Hart   What is Directed Panspermia? It has been more than three decades since Eric von Daniken had the first of his best selling books published. In the initial three of the series he tirelessly and enthusiastically examined the archaeological … More …

Genetic Engineering & The Rise Of Civilization

Ancient Aliens - Rise Of Civilization

Did Ancient Aliens Foster The Rise Of Civilization? When one considers the evolution  and rise of civilization, we tend to focus our attention on our major accomplishments such as the development of writing, the building of monumental structures and the wars, battles and conflicts that shaped a nation. The meteoric...

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