Human Origins And The Bible: A Creationists View – Myron Heavin


What Do Creationists Say About The Development Of Life On Earth   It’s no secret that conflicting models exist to explain creation and the universe. Young earth creationists, old earth creationists, theistic evolutionists, and evolving creationists all differ from evolutionists. Who or what created the world we live in and … More …

Where The Nephilim Giants The Sons Of God? – Video

Nephilim Giant

The Truth About The Nephilim Giants Long before the flood that devastated mankind, according to Biblical sources, a group of angels, the sons of God, came down to the earth. These “fallen angels”, as they are often referred to, rebelled against God. They taught mankind the secret arts, sharing with...

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Ancient Aliens & The True Origins of the Species – Will Hart

Will Hart on Just Energy Radio

07/02/15 Ancient Aliens & The True Origins of the Species Will Hart For millennia Homo sapiens–the species that emerged after the demise of the Neanderthals–existed throughout the world as hunter-gatherers in small, cooperative social groups. Then suddenly, around 3000 B.C.E., the first of six great civilizations sprang up around the … More …