The Hidden History Of Australia – Steven & Evan Strong


Evan and Steve Strong on Just Energy Radio - 15-01-22-2

The Hidden History Of Australia
Steven & Evan Strong

Steven and Evan Strong challenge the out-of-Africa theory of human evolution and posits that Homo sapiens sapiens evolved independently in Australia. They argue against the perception of the Original Australians as primitive and challenges this with an examination of the actual technological achievements of the race. By looking at archaeological, historical, linguistic and DNA evidence they believe that Original Australians were capable of oceangoing voyages and had commerce with distant lands from North Africa to Latin America.

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About Steven & Evan Strong

Steven Strong is an Australian-based researcher, historian, author and former high school teacher with a background in archaeology. He was involved in the formation of a Graduate Diploma of Aboriginal Education for the NSW Department of Education, writing units on Traditional Law and Contemporary History.

He also co-authored the highly successful “Aboriginal Australia: A Language and Cultural kit”. Steven have spent many years learning and living with the Bundjalung Language Confederation and Gumilaroi people of Northern NSW.

Evan Strong has a background in the Social Sciences a Bachelors Degree: with majors in psychology, archaeology/anthropology and counselling/mediation. Evan is an author, researcher and historian.  In between field trips and researching he also works as a Funeral director.



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