Star Children The Extraterrestrial Connection

Star Children

Star Children The Extraterrestrial Connection


By Mary Rodwell – Copyright  ACERN 2015

How do we recognize “The bringers of light”

There are new generations of children incarnating on our planet who are very different to previous generations. They have been given many names such as Indigo’s, Crystal children, Children of light or Star children. Star children are far more multi-dimensionally aware than what is presently considered to be the ‘norm.’ Many have a deep understanding of their multidimensional reality and speak about helping humanity awaken to a higher state of consciousness. They may also be aware of contact with non-human extraterrestrial intelligences.

“ There is a race of beings upon the planet, increasing in number, although visually and physically indistinguishable to most humans. They are the “ the bringers of light and are here to guide the awakening of terrestrial consciousness

The New Children are born without programs and will bring about a Global Awakening.

– Tracey Taylor artist /experiencer

Star Children - ExtraterrestrialMetaphysical groups have recognized star children and offered labels to explain the differences. However some are labeled dysfunctional because they struggle to socialize or cope with the pressures and conditioning modern society places on them. These labels include ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) Asperger’ forms of autism and Dyslexia. However these labels may stem from our lack of understanding of the way these generations operate or perceive reality. It appears that many struggle with the conditioning of 3D reality.


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About The Author

Mary Rodwell Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network) Former nurse, midwife, counselor, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, researcher and International speaker.

Mary’s work is in supporting individuals and their families experiencing encounters with non-human intelligences. Mary’s research indicates we as a species are being assisted to evolve due to these Extraterrestrial interactions and the new generations of children are demonstrating major changes in awareness and how these changes are not always understood due to more conventional interpretation.

Mary’s next book THE NEW HUMAN covers all the above and how we are all evolving into a more aware species of human.  She is also the author of Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Change your life (2002)



Mary Rodwell: Awakening How Extraterrestrial Contact Can transforms your Life. Republished 2010.

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Dr L Ohlson statements on her research 2012-2015 to Mary Rodwell

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