Spontaneous Healing: Beyond Space & Time – Frank Huguenard

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Spontaneous Healing:  Beyond Space & Time
Frank Huguenard


We have all heard of spontaneous healings, or people with only days left to live who’ve been seen by a *healer* and then gone on to live a happy and productive life.  There are dozens of different healing modalities from Reiki, to energetic mastery, to pranic healing and so on but what they all have in common is intention.  Frank Huguenard  will take a scientific look at the theories behind bioenergy work, studies into the efficacy of healing techniques and several bioenergetic therapists who help facilitate healings in their clients.  According to Frank, healers don’t heal people, the client heals himself, all the therapist does is help facilitate that process and this film will make a compelling scientific explanation as to why.

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About Frank Huguenard

Frank Huguenard is a scientist, a spiritual anthropologist, a humanitarian and a documentary film maker.  Huguenard’s interest in consciousness and healing began almost two decades ago years ago when his then partner was losing her battle with breast cancer.  At this same time, he was also fired from his job in Silicon Valley for “wasting company resources on a useless idea” by inventing a video-sharing and communication platform very similar to what Skype and YouTube are today.  As a result, he lost everything — his stature in the community, his relationships, his home, his family and most of his wealth.  This upheaval ultimately sent him spiraling into a fundamental search for Truth, the end result of which was a series of documentary films on science and consciousness.

Frank’s films have been viewed nearly one million times in 160 countries and Beyond Me won a People’s Choice Award in the Culture Unplugged’s 2012 Spirited Enlightenment Film Festival, and has been broadcast in March 2013 on WTV, West Television, Perth, Australia and Beyond Reason won People’s Choice award in Culture Unplugged’s 2014 Spirit Enlightened Film Festival.







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