Weird Happenings At Skinwalker Ranch In Utah – Erica Lukes

Erica Lukes - Skinwalker Ranch

Claims Of Unusual Happenings Surround Skinwalker Ranch


Located southeast of Ballard, Utah is a property know as Sherman Ranch.  To some it is also called Skinwalker Ranch.  It is the home to some allegedly amazing paranormal and UFO-related activities. Skinwalkers appear in Navajo oral histories and are thought of as being shape-shifting creatures.  But the mysteries continue…

Claims about the ranch first appeared in the Salt Lake City, Utah Deseret News.  Later journalist George Knapp published a series of articles in the alternative weekly publication the Las Vegas Mercury.  These early stories detailed the claims of a family that had recently purchased “Skinwalker Ranch” and occupied the property.  After a short while they began to experience an array of inexplicable and frightening events.

In this episode we will be speaking with Erica Lukes about this remote mysterious location.  Both Utah’s famous Skinwalker Ranch and its surrounding areas have held a strong, and lasting, interest for Erica. She has collected decades’ worth of case reports from this area, and particularly so with regards to mass sightings of UFOs, as well as mysterious mutilations of animals, and alien abductions.

What’s going on out there?  Is the property haunted, with the people who live there experiencing poltergeist activities?   Or is it something more?


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About Erica Lukes

Erica Lukes’ passion for the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects dates back to her early childhood. After a series of personal sightings in 2013, Erica felt compelled to find out what was taking place in her home state of Utah.

She is the head of the Utah UFO Research Project, an organization which is focused upon scientifically researching UAP – otherwise known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Erica works with other UFO-based organizations, on a local as well as global level. She is driven to not only broaden public awareness of UAP, but also to develop research protocols that can be utilized by other organizations.  She is the host of the hit radio show UFO Classified.


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