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The Shocking Truth Of Apostle Paul
Jeffrey Daugherty

Did the Apostle Paul hijack the message of Jesus and replace it with his own? Discover how he orchestrated the slaughter of thousands of believers, was front and center in the crucifixion of Jesus and killed his successor James by his own hand–long after his “conversion” on the Road to Damascus. Find out how Luke the gospel writer and personal scribe to Paul acted as a double agent, weaving the shocking truth of Apostle Paul Antichrist into the New Testament record itself in language undiscovered until now.

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About Jeffrey Daugherty

Jeffery Dougherty

Jeffrey Daugherty is a Bible College graduate and spent over 20 years as a Licensed Minister–mostly as a red-hot Pentecostal evangelist (you know the type!).  After a personal tragedy led to a deep revelation of the goodness and grace of the Divine, Jeffrey realized that modern Pauline Christianity had warped the message of Jesus (Yeshua) in to a fear and guilt based matrix of control. Now he has dedicated his life to exposing the lies of Big Time Religion and proclaiming the liberating message of Jesus (Yeshua) and the true nature of the Kingdom of God.  Religion says you are born with Original Sin, but Jesus said you have the The Kingdom of Heaven within!




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