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Ancient Aliens Evidence - Will HartAncient Aliens Evidence:  Scientific Proof Of Their Existence
Will Hart


UFOs, ancient enigmatic pyramid-civilizations, anomalous artifacts strewn around the planet and the most recent data gathered from space research, all point to one inescapable fact.  They all show ancient aliens evidence and that we are not alone in the universe.    Will Hart will take viewers from the amazing discoveries of space research, to the modern UFO phenomenon and links them to the anomalies of ancient artifacts and literature.

Will does not believe this is science fiction, but science fact.  Does the latest space research data show that water, the staff of life, has been found on Mars?  Has the Kepler Mission identified earth-like planets in our galaxy?  Did they in our distant past, using their advanced technology seed our planet?  What about the elongated skull in Peru?  Are they enough to provide conclusive ancient aliens evidence?

Will Hart proposes that we throw away the Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and state the facts: that our true origins lie not from a bunch of amino acids that somehow magically combined to form organic life, but instead from the direct intervention of extraterrestrials in our remote past.

The truth is stranger than fiction!

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About Will Hart

Will Hart is a journalist, photographer, and filmmaker who has been investigating ancient mysteries and evidence of extraterrestrial intervention on Earth since 1969.  He has appeared on radio and television and is the author of the books The Genesis Race and his latest title Alien Civilizations.


Alien Civilizations


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