Reptilian Archons Control World Government & The Media – Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley Reptilian Archons

Are A Group Of Reptilian Archons Behind The Scenes Pulling The Strings?

Distorted journalistic reports can generate both false hopes and unwarranted fears.  For instance, when a finding is reported in a sensational way, the results may create a national media feeding frenzy.

Are we being deceived by our media on such a grand scale that most would have a difficult time in comprehending the full extent. Has our trust in the media been used against us with devastating consequences – which are unknown?  Does their pull have the power to influence public policy including decisions to wage war or elect a new president?

In this episode we talk with Paul Wesley also known as Truthchaser to his many Youtube fans.  Paul details how a group of reptilian archons are the ones behind the scenes pulling the strings of not only our nation but world governments.  He not only contends that the archons are controlling the government but that you might just be watching one on your nightly news!

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About Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley is From Philadelphia, Pa. He is a worldwide activist who has exposed / Confronted every media outlet in Philadelphia, He has some of the best Protest coverage covering topics from Monsanto to Chemtrails. He is the 1st person to bring the Chemtrail agenda to light in Pennsylvania & has held multiple presentation’s regarding the  dehumanizing of humanity & the Alien / government agenda. As a Abductee himself he has made it his personal mission to merge activism with universalism to show the importance of the two.

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