Real Human Alien Hybrids: The Secrets Of Dulce NM – Jamie “JP” Robinson

Jamie Robinson - Real Human Alien Hybrids

Are World Governments Engineering Real Human Alien Hybrids?

Stories of the underground bases at Dulce, NM have been floating around the internet for a long time.  Some say that the activity in these locations are a joint venture between a clandestine group funded by the US government, the grays and a group of reptilians extraterrestrials.  What are they doing down there?  Are they really abducting people and then doing genetic engineering on humans?  Are they creating a race of real human alien hybrids?

If that is the case, then what about all the stories we hear about real human alien hybrids that are conceived on UFOs?  Are they one in the same?  Are the grays and reptilians abducting individuals on their crafts and doing genetic engineering on humans there too?  Or is there another group of extraterrestrial aliens also doing similar experimentation of humans? Then again, could it be world governments carrying out these covert operations?

If our government is involved where is the money coming from?  Are we, the taxpayers, funding these clandestine operations?  Robinson will expose the government conspiracy to conceal essential information from the public regarding the alien presence and the already well established diplomatic relationship between them and us.


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About Jamie “JP” Robinson

JP Robinson was born in Beverley on the East Yorkshire coast of England in 1975. He first became fascinated by the possibility of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings in his late teens during the early 90’s; the last decade before the explosion of the internet. Influenced at that time by the extraordinary claims of ex-NASA employee and whistle-blower Robert Oechsler, information regarding the complex alien situation began to surface the deeper he dug. He began honing his writing skills as a keen singer-songwriter for the best part of two decades and following five years of study in Contemporary Photography right through to degree level at Northumbria University, he developed his ability to research extensively and applied this to his dissertation where he received a first with honours.  During a period as a self-employed freelance photographer he decided it was time to accumulate all of his knowledge of the alien hypothesis into one place and put years of research to good use, thus The Alien Enigma was born.


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