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Paranormal Profiling:  The Investigation
Martha Decker

Martha Decker provides a new perspective on interviewing potential clients regarding paranormal activity. She suggests learning to think along the lines of a detective when talking to the client. Things may not be as they seem, or even worse. There may be no activity. Learn what to look for, how to listen better and what type of questions to ask.

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About Martha Decker

Decker’s been involved in investigating paranormal actively since 1999.  As a child Decker experienced a number of unexplained occurrences which triggered her long time interest in the unknown.  She retired in 2007 from law enforcement as assistant chief of police, negotiator, detective and instructor.  She founded East Texas Paranormal (ETP) in 2007. ETP often investigates private homes and businesses.

Decker has professional experience as an investigator; criminally and civilly, also as a writer and photographer. She had several of her photographs included in The Big Click coffee table photo book. Then in 1995, Decker received a first place award for specialty reporting from Associated Press. She decided to delve back into writing and photography and is working another nonfiction book along with writing for as Dallas Paranormal.  She has articles in The Realm Paranormal Magazine and on other websites. Decker has two blogs, one on the paranormal and the other on life after 50.

She has interviewed for newspaper and magazine articles.  Decker is commissioned through the Texas Supreme Court as a process server and serves documents for court appearances to individuals. She has been a guest on numerous paranormal radio shows and accepts speaking engagements for paranormal conferences.



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