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Will Hart - Out Of Place Artifacts - Ancient Aliens

Out Of Place Artifacts:
Evidence Of Ancient Aliens Not Ancient Civilizations


There are many unexplainable, very unusual ancient out of place artifacts that have been uncovered around the world.  All one needs do is look on the internet in order to find an overwhelming number of these.  If these relics from a day gone by were looked at from a different perspective could re-write history. They  could challenge conventional historical chronology by being “too advanced” for the level of civilization that existed at the time, or showing “human presence” well before humans were supposed to exist.

These highly controversial relics are often dismissed by orthodox scientists.  In their view of the world, these objects shouldn’t exist, but they do. Evidence that ancient man had advanced technology defies the evolutionary paradigm that humanity as we know it developed from a group of primitive cave dwelling individuals and formed into the society we know today.  These tangible out of place artifacts are a fact!  They exist and cannot be denied.  They also cannot be explained by conventional wisdom.

The question remains.  Were these items created by an ancient but now lost race of humans who had advanced technology that appears to exceed our own?  Could they have been produced by another terrestrial group, say the Giants who according to some accounts roamed the earth prior to the creation of man.  Or were they made by a group of extraterrestrials who had visited the earth in antiquity?

To help sort out the controversy, we will be talking to alternative history researcher Will Hart about this ongoing enigma.

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About Will Hart

Will Hart is a journalist, photographer, and filmmaker who has been investigating ancient mysteries and evidence of extraterrestrial intervention on Earth since 1969.  He has appeared on radio and television and is the author of the books The Genesis Race and his latest title Alien Civilizations.


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