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Was Orlando Shooting A False Flag Event?

It has been called ‘the worst US terror attack since 9/11′!  News of the recent Orlando shooting that “killed” 49 victims and injured dozens of others at the Pulse nightclub in Florida is all over the airwaves.  According to mainstream news, was an American-born man.  He had, over the phone, pledged allegiance to ISIS and was responsible for this horrific event.

As the events of June 12th are unwinding many are calling the Orlando shooting a “False Flag” event and a not very well executed hoax at that. Could this be a fake terror attack?

According to Judge Napolitano, “Nobody died until 05:13 in the morning, when the SWAT team entered. Prior to that no one had been killed. The 53 that were injured, and the 49 that were murdered all met their fates at the time of, and during, the police entry into the building.” Could this be the smoking gun which unravels this entire mystery?

In this episode we will be speaking with Dr. James Fetzer about the Orlando shooting.  What I want to to know is was the attack been orchestrated by the FBI or some other relevant U.S. intelligence agency?  Then there are the other questions associated with the shooting at Orlando. Why was it planned?  Was it to guide public opinion, to galvanize the American people, or for some other “political” purpose?

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About James Fetzer

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer.  He has been published widely on the theoretical foundations of scientific knowledge, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and evolution and mentality. A magna cum laude graduate of Princeton who majored in philosophy, he earned his Ph.D. in the history and philosophy of science. He has received many awards and forms of recognition for his teaching and scholarship.

Jim is a McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.  He has also conducted extensive research into the assassination of JFK, the events of 9/11, and the plane crash that killed US Sen. Paul Wellstone.




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