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UFO Sky Watching:  I Want To Believe
Bill Forte

Do you enjoy sky watching?  Have you enjoy looking up into the heavens to see total eclipses, amazing planets, meteor showers?  As your gaze was turned upward, have you ever noticed something unusual in the sky? Was it a UFO?

Of the countless people who have witnessed a UFO one thing is consistent – they are forever changed by the experience. But what about the rest of us that want to believe but have not ever encountered something unusual transiting the heavens.  If you have been yearning to see a UFO or encounter one, this show is for you.  Find out what it takes to capture an alien craft with your own eyes or discover simple equipment you can use to catch your encounter on film!

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About Bill Forte

Radio host, Bill Forte had his first sighting in New York City, specifically the Bronx, on June 10th 1995.  That evening he witnessed a boomerang or triangular shaped craft flying across the sky. The incident was documented on NUFORC which is the national UFO Reporting Center. He also had a second sighting in 1999 while night fishing at Montauk, NY.  On this second occasion, where he witnessed unusual lights over the ocean that were constantly flashing different colors.  The sighting lasted for approx. 20 minutes.  Bill began sky watching when he moved to the Hudson valley, NY, which is a known hot spot for UFO activity – specifically the Pine Bush area of New York.

Bill is also the host of the YouTube sensation – BillNY Skywatcher – where he invites anyone that is interested to join him on a live sky watch from the comfort of their own home. Bill presents live footage of the night sky and invites guest to interact and participate in the nightly activities.

BillNY Skywatcher

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