The Myths and Legends of the Werewolf

Werewolf Mythology

Where Do The Myths End And The Truth Begin?


By S. Roberts

Where do the werewolf myths end and the truth begin? Werewolf fiction is dominated by portrayals of men cursed to become wolves or wolfmen during the full moon. The process of transmogrification is well documented in many films and works of literature. Werewolves’ history, both in cinema and reality, is indelibly intertwined.

Werewolf, skin walker, shape shifter or man dog, throughout the years these terms have been used to describe a number of sightings of an unidentified figure. Believed to be half man and half wolf, werewolves (also known as lycanthropes) have shown up in tales and legends throughout history. Werewolves and human/beast hybrids have also been depicted in cave painting and later Petronius of ancient Greece wrote stories about men who could turn into wolves at will. These shape-shifter myths can be found all over the word from China to Iceland and Brazil to Haiti.

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