Unexplained Moon: Moon Mysteries Investigated – John Shaughnessy

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Take a fresh look at the Moon!

The Moon is our planet’s closest neighbor. It’s responsible for our tides, seasons, the stabilization of our axis, and the length of our days and nights. Without it, most life forms on Earth would likely not exist. But how much do we really know about  Earth’s moon?  The moon has had astronomers scratching their heads for decades, centuries and in some cases even thousands of years.

Take a fresh look at the Moon.  From its scientific strangeness to the many ways it affects our lives, the Moon is a mystery that is definitely worth a closer look.  Does the Moon hold important information that has been lost, forgotten, ignored or hidden, and needs to be retrieved?

In this episode we will be speaking to John Shaughnessy about his new book There is something about the moon.  He will take a journey back in time to our furthest almost – forgotten history.  John will delve into concepts such as the intelligent design inherent in the moon.


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About John Shaughnessy

John is a treasure trove of theoretical physics, lost ancient history, theosophy, philosophy, esoteric knowledge and the nature of the human spirit. John’s passions are in the alternative world of ancient human history and theoretical physics I have two books (Pyramid Gravity Force) which explains the purpose and operations of all the pyramids scattered to the 4 corners of the world. His second book, Co Authors: Salter, Shaughnessy ushering in a new age of reasoning, out with the old superstition and backward ways and in with newly rediscovered logic to liberate the human consciousness with this amazing discovery….

This new book takes a journey into the very distant ancient past into the divine feminine that uncovers the true origin of life on Earth, coupled with an amazing lost scientific knowledge on how the moon is a grandmother clock that regulates large cycles on Earth like ice-ages and interglacial periods, in the book we explain how our ancestors read the moon and how we as a collective people can read it today. Knowing when big changes are coming is key to our survival…..




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