Moon Conspiracy Evidence: Is The Moon Fake? – Rob Shelsky

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The Moon Conspiracy
The Impact Of The Moon On Civilization


Crazy as this may sound, but there are a growing number of people who believe that our moon did not form naturally as a satellite that circles the Earth.  In this “moon conspiracy” they contend that at some time in our remote history, the moon was moved into place in orbit around the Earth.

These same moon conspiracy theorists suggest that the arrival of our moon triggered the rise of civilization? The questions we are left with are:

  • Did the arrival of the moon destroy the existing populations on Earth?
  • Did it cause the Great Flood?
  • Just who brought the moon to us and why?
  • And did the group of people who brought the moon here invade our world as well?

Rob Shelsky supplies compelling evidence our moon is a recent arrival–and it was no accident!

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About Rob Shelsky

Rob Shelsky is an avid and eclectic writer of both fiction and nonfiction, and averages about 4,000 words a day. Rob, with a degree in science, has written a large number of factual articles for the former AlienSkin Magazine as well as many others.  He has often and over a long period, explored the Alien and UFO question and has made investigative trips to research such UFO hotspot areas as Pine Bush, New York, Gulf Breeze, Florida, and other such regions, including Brown Mountain, North Carolina, known, for the infamous “Brown Mountain Lights, as well as investigating numerous places known for paranormal activity.

With over 20 years of such research and investigative efforts behind him, Author Rob Shelsky is well qualified in the subject of UFOs.  As a skeptic, he likes to “kick the tires” surrounding UFO phenomena and enjoys asking the hard questions others seem to avoid in a search for possible, yet convincing answers to these ongoing enigmas.

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