An Astrological Look At 2015 – Michele Avanti


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An Astrological Look At 2015
Michele Avanti

What is in store for us in 2015?  Astrologer Michele Avanti will take a look at the placement of the stars in the heavens and explore topics such as what will be happening in the US in the coming year, finances, world dynamics and other key times that we should be aware of.  What are the stars telling us and how can we be prepared for the upcoming year?

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About Michele Avanti

Michele Avanti is a published certified planetary systems analyst, consulting metaphysician and ordained minister. Since 1972, she has taught and consulted in many areas of metaphysics. Her new book, “GreeHee The Journey of Five”has won three awards for Best Juvenile Fiction & Visionary Fiction. It is not just a fantasy about a dragon, but it is also metaphysics 101.

Michele has lectured and given more than 15,000 live consultations on radio, television, and at seminars and workshops across America. Her columns have appeared in newspapers and magazines since 1985.  She is past president of the Las Vegas Chapter of NCGR, an International Society of Geocosmic Researchers. She is co-founder of The Astrology Club of Reno. Currently she is President of Northern California Publishers & Authors.  Her articles and monthly astrology column can be read in Vegas Community Online and in numerous places on the web.

Michele received accreditation in the summer of 2003 in Fixed Stars from  Bernadette Brady in England. She is now one of a handful of fixed star analysts internationally.


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