Megalithic Monuments: Stonehenge Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg – Mic Hobday

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How Many Megalithic Monuments Are Yet To Be Discovered?


Have previous inhabitants of our planet left stone megalithic monuments and structures all over the world, leaving us puzzled and trying to work out the who’s, the when’s and the why’s. The reality is, places like Stonehenge and the Pyramids in Egypt are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the extent of the megalithic monuments left behind.  How many sites have been destroyed or are yet to be discovered.

Is it possible that a civilization once inhabited the entire surface of the planet, was much more advanced than we are, both technologically and spiritually and existed way before our current civilization even began?

In this episode, we will be speaking with film-maker Mick Hobday.  He has climbed soil covered pyramids and searched high and low for huge megalithic monuments in search of the existence of an Ancient Civilization that was both global and highly advanced.


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About Mick Hobday

Mick Hobday grew up in the South of England and floated through the education system until he graduated with a BSc in Genetics from Nottingham University. He snubbed the prospect of joining the rat-race to choose travelling instead and 14 years and 83 countries later he has started to share his travel experiences, many of which are related to the ancient civilizations field.

During his travels he has visited Petra, pyramids and tombs in Egypt, Machu Pichu and the Nazca lines, Tiwanaku, a lost city in the Colombian jungle, pyramids in Mexico and Guatemala, the Angkor complex in Cambodia, Adams Calendar in South Africa, potential pyramids in Bosnia and Italy, the amazing Carnac in France, Gobekli tepe and Kaymakli in Turkey, the Stonehenge of Portugal, dolmen fields of the middle east, and many megalithic sites all over the U.K, France, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Turkey and Tunisia.

In 2013 he self-published a book, wrote a variety of articles for magazines, formed the Modern Explorers with some friends and started making videos. He has been written about in various newspapers, countless websites, interviewed on radio stations in Ireland, Holland, Dubai and England and he appeared on TV in Australia. All this has happened in an effort to publicize his book which details the first decade on the road in his pursuit of a lifelong ambition to eat a bowl of Corn Flakes in every country in the world.


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