Predictions For 2015 – John Hogue


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Predictions For 2015
John Hogue

John Hogue will look through the mirror of Karmic Saturn darkly and deeply to find in its shadows the light of enlightened change as well as illuminate the karmic pitfalls awaiting our whole world–and especially the United States and the European Union–if we do not “begin” this revolutionary journey.

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About John Hogue

John Hogue, defines himself as a “Rogue” Scholar. He is a world-renowned authority on Nostradamus and other prophetic traditions. His work is critically acclaimed for cutting through the social, religious, and nationalistic projections of prophets and their interpreters to find threads of insight they all share.

Futurist, accurate forecaster in his own right, creator of, what has been called the “Huffington Post of prophecy websites”, Hogue has received wide international recognition appearing on over 100 television and 1,000 blog and talk radio shows on five continents: North and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe. At present, he has predicted the winner of 12 out of 12 US Presidential Elections and perhaps has the most multimedia exposure of any prophecy scholar in history, making frequent appearances on History Channel, Discovery Channel, CNN International, BBC, Ancient Prophecies (NBC), The View (ABC), Hannity and Colmes (FOX News), RAI TV (Italy), Russia Channel One, and Channels 7 and 9 (Australia). His radio appearances include Coast to Coast AM (Premier Radio) and BBC International Radio.

Hogue is an Associated Press bestselling author as well as a number one bestseller of prophecy titles on Amazon, such as Predictions for 2013-2014. He has published 23 books in 19 languages. He currently lives on an island in the Pacific Northwest.

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