A Short History of Christmas: Christmas Myths & Legends

 History Of Christmas - Myth & Legend

A Short History of Christmas
Christmas Myths & Legends



By Tauqeer Ul Hassan

Christmas holiday is one of the most popular traditions through the world. It involves decorating a tree with small ornaments, ribbons, strings of flashing lights and of course the magic of placing gifts for dear ones at the bottom of the tree. The decorated Christmas tree is usually takes place of pride besides the fireplace or corner of the room for weeks. It is finally removed on the Epiphany day.

For many of us, the real history of Christmas is hidden behind expensive ribbons and bows.  Ever green trees were considered magical and able of resisting the darkness of winter in ancient northern European cultures before the Greek and Roman empires. The villagers and priests used to gather around the tallest evergreen tree every year at the winter and prayed to their gods to return the sun and the warm weather that was beneficial for their crops and the animals.

It appears to be awkward for the people if 21st century to think that summer would not return during those times but those people only knew that winter was a hard and miserable time. They knew that they came and went back again but their lives were very shaky, they were only able to stockpile enough firewood and food to last through the winter. This was the reason sun was important for them and they would perish if the sun did not return. It is easy to understand about the magic that evergreen trees obviously had.

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Tauqeer Ul Hassan is a freelance writer from Pakistan. He is the editor of a technology blog and spends most of his time sitting in front of the computer. He writes for many online publications, as well as MotorWard.

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