A History Of False Flag Events

New York - 911 - False Flag

A History Of False Flag Events


By CJ Keleher

In this new era of rising tensions with Russia, Iran and China conscious citizens must be on the lookout for False Flag attacks. These attacks are typically used as a pretext to expand hostilities, pass draconian laws and alienate or discriminate against a people or ideology. False Flag attacks did not go away with the twentieth century, they are present now and could be used anytime. The tactic resides within our military, in the heads of corrupt politicians and greedy intelligence agencies. Recognizing false flags will be imperative to preventing further global wars and conflicts, and knowing there modern historical use can only help arm a vigilant citizen to this well-used tactic of starting wars.

These incidents led to the great wars and atrocities of the twentieth century,possibly, because people did not know what a false flag attack really was back then. Our generation has no such excuse at hand.


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About The Author

CJ Keleher is a freelance writer and activist, a globe-trotter, novelist and editor of Altercurrent. His writing interests include most controversial subjects, tabooed historical and social issues, science fiction and history.


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