Haunted Plantations of the South – Richard Southall

Richard Southall on Just Energy Radio

Ghost Tales From The Haunted South

Richard Southall

Step into the mysterious world of haunted plantations with paranormal expert Richard Southall.  Meet the restless spirits of soldiers, slaves, and owners who roam the antiquated halls. Presenting majestic homes from seven southern states, this remarkable guide contains dramatic history and true stories from the days before and during the Civil War.  Southall will take us on an awe-inspiring journey through each plantation, exploring grand houses and their ghastly ghouls.

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About Richard Southall

Richard Southall is the author of How to Be a Ghost Hunter (2003), Haunted Route 66 (2013) and Haunted Plantations of the South (2015). He has also written articles for a number of periodicals, including Fate Magazine. To reflect his interest in writing about the unknown, Richard is a current member of the Horror Writers’ Association.

In addition, he has been a featured guest on several national and international radio shows including The X-Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnel, Shadows of the Paranormal, Edge of the Unknown, and Spirited History with Leanne and Angela.

Richard lives in northern West Virginia with his family, where he has worked for over ten years as a substance abuse therapist. He is actively involved in his community and is a current member of the Freemasons and Scottish Rite.



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