Shocking True Encounter Of Grey Alien Abduction – Jordan Hofer

Jordan Hofer Grey Alien Abduction

The Bizarre Story Of Earl Heriot’s Grey Alien Abduction


In this episode we are joined by UFO researcher Jordan Hofer as he retells the tale of how he and his fellow researcher stared into the cold, black eyes of alien visitors those little Gray bastards who are omnipresent in our daily lives.

Jordan will explore the story of Earl Heriot’s grey alien abduction, rich in details of bizarre experiences with these Gray aliens over a lifetime. Discover specific aspects of the alien menace, including abductions; communications through artists; interconnections between Grays, ghosts, and other paranormal phenomena; and a history of alien attacks on humans.

What emerges is a strange, often terrifying, glimpse into the machinations of the Gray aliens as they lurk at the fringes of human consciousness.  Every aspect of human life is impacted by their incessant presence, from genes of the individual to the fate of humanity.

Hofer warns us to watch the skies! Grays secretly reveal their outrageous spacecraft to selected, awestruck witnesses. Watch your bedrooms!


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About Jordan Hofer

Jordan Hofer did not believe in UFOs not until his friends and family had multiple sightings and encounters with aliens. He was then faced with a choice between loyalty and skepticism. Unable to disbelieve those closest to him, Jordan began a search for the truth behind the UFO enigma.  Thus began a multiyear investigation into UFO phenomena and alien abduction.

A former university instructor of human evolution, Jordan broke with orthodox academia, and brought his understanding of evolution to the mystery of the alien agenda. He is now a MUFON Research Specialist in Anthropology and an author for the UFO phenomena Evolutionary UFology: A New Synthesis is his first nonfiction book. He has been published by the Jane Goodall Institute and the MUFON UFO Journal, and has written a young adult novel entitled Saucerville.

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