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The Golden Age Of Ancient Egypt
Robert Bauval

Robert Bauval will explore the golden civilization of ancient Egypt and its system of natural magic that birthed the Western Mystery tradition.  He will take us through the different phases of Egyptian history from the Pharaonic period, through the Roman conquest, to the ongoing Islamization.   He will show how the current Islamic rulers are actively working to eradicate all traces of ancient Egypt’s spiritual roots, the source of the Western Mystery tradition. He will also provide a revised portrait of the life of Muhammad, revealing his connections to the Essene tradition, and explain how most Sharia Law is not based on the Koran.

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About Robert Bauval

Egyptologist Robert Bauval, who is credited with the theory that the pyramids align with the constellation of Orion in ancient Egypt is a well known and respected Egyptologist.  In 1994 Robert Bauval published his first book, The Orion Mystery (with Adrian Gilbert), which was a No.1 bestseller in the UK and also an international bestseller, translated in more than twenty-five languages. He co-authored and authored several other bestsellers regarding ancient Egypt and other ancient mysteries.  Bauval has appeared on most National and International television channels including BBC, ABC, NBC, Fox-TV, CNN, RAI, HISTORY CHANNEL, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, FRANCE A3, and CHANNEL FOUR UK.

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