Ghosts, Extraterrestrials & Spirit Communication- Anthony Sanchez


Anthony Sanchez on Just Energy Radio

Ghosts, Extraterrestrials & Spirit Communication
Anthony Sanchez

Software developer, UFO researcher and media personality Anthony Sanchez will delve into his own experiences with extraterrestrials, UFO’s and government cover-ups.  He will also delve into his latest venture, the development of a software to work in combination with hardware to do one thing; detect paranormal activity!

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About Anthony Sanchez

Anthony Sanchez is the author of the explosive book UFO Highway which was called “an incredible story and an incredible book” by George Noory, Anthony F. Sanchez is the founder of Sceptre Radio Network a platform for talk radio that is off limits to the establishment and which operates uncensored and unconstrained. He is also the founder of UMBRA PARANORMAL a group dedicated to understanding the intricacies of Paranormal Science. He brings twenty-plus years of software engineering experience combined with the same legnth of time devoted to UFO & PARANORMAL research to create these new apps under the GHOSTHUNTERAPPS™ brand.

In the media, Anthony has appeared on: Coast to Coast AM w/ George Noory, The Jerry Pippin Show, Veritas Radio, Project Camelot WhistleBlower Radio, The Paracast, OpenMinds.TV, Red Ice Creations (Europe), and The Kevin Smith Show, UFONAUT RADIO, The Quantum Leap, Unified Field Radio and many others.




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