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What Happens When 4 Extraterrestrial Blue Beings Show Up At A UFO Conference


At the Experiencers Speak Conference, a UFO conference in August of 2015, four alien humanoid beings showed up to visit during the time when a new documentary about Travis Walton was being shown. John Polk and about 20 other witnesses saw them.

In this episode we will be talking to John Polk about his first hand encounter interacting with these extraterrestrial blue beings.


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About John Marcus Polk

The Reverend John Marcus Polk was born in 1969 in Raleigh, North Carolina. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcasting, and another Bachelor of Arts Degree in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona. This university granted john the title of International Metaphysical Minister after his studies were complete. Rev. Polk is also a Reiki Master, and an instructor in Usui Reiki. He is the founder of Wolf Spirit Ministries, LLC. In addition to all of this, Rev. Polk was gifted with the ability to be a channel and a medium. John is the author of the books, “Yahweh, The Biblical God, is an Alien” and “The Blue Beings”, Polk adds his insights into Ancient Alien Theory as a theologian, in the area of exospirituality and how we humans should value our own human experience over what we are told is reality.

John is now, facing his greatest fears, coming out of the closet to let Experiencers from all around the world know that you are not alone. The best thing for all of us is to share our encounters with others because as the word spreads, more experiencers will speak out as the fear ridicule will rapidly diminish. Plus, the spoken word manifests an abundance of energies that enables the Earth and we Earthlings to ascend closer to the light and enlightenment.

So now, let us all join hands together within the collective God consciousness that we are all a part of and reach out to foundations like Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s FREE, The Foundation For Research Into Extraterrestrial Encounters and Starborn Support International who are here to help us.


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