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Encounters with Malevolent Entities
Von Braschler

Sharing his true story of what can go wrong when ghost hunting, Von Braschler describes his training sessions with the professional ghost hunter and details his most difficult and dangerous attempts to remove spirits from haunted buildings, including an old church in Portland and an herbalist’s trailer on Mount Hood, where he encountered a spirit known to choke people in their sleep. He will share how not all spirits are simply ghosts of deceased people reluctant to move on from this plane of existence. They may be entities created from the rage, hatred, or frustrations of a building’s current or former inhabitants, and disturbing them can lead to dark confrontations without easy resolution.

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About Von Braschler

Von Braschler is a former newspaper and magazine editor. He writes and leads workshops in the areas of consciousness development, time, chakra healing, pet healing, and dream work. He is a trained massage therapist, pet therapist, energy healer, and Kirlian photographer.

Von has appeared on radio and television and hosted his own weekly radio program, “Healing with Your Pet: Our Psychic, Spiritual Connection.” He is actively involved in organizing events for Ancient Mysteries, Ancient Wisdom, the Minneapolis branch of the international Theosophical Society.


Von Braschler

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