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The Giza Template
Edward Nightingale

Edward Nightingale presents a compelling case with a precise geometric, mathematical model that re-creates the architect’s original design of the Giza Plateau. He began his research by using a reverse engineering technique, re-drawing and measuring what is actually constructed while comparing the Template model with multiple accurate satellite images and official survey data of the Giza plateau. Follow along step by step as the Giza Complex is re-created from scratch using only a simple template model that defines the precise dimensions and placement of eleven pyramids as well as the Sphinx and its temples. Learn what the ancient architects were encoding within the complex and the message they were conveying to their remote descendants.

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About Edward Nightingale

Based on 16 years of research back engineering the design of the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, Edward Nightingale has rediscovered precisely how the architects of Giza used geometry and mathematics to encode a stunning amount of knowledge within the architectural design of the Giza Complex.



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