Cosmic forces of Mu – James Churchward

Cosmic Forces Of Mu - James Churchward

Cosmic forces of Mu
Book IV In The James Churchward Mu Series


The fourth book in the internationally acclaimed series on the lost continent of MU, James Churchward explains the sciences as they were taught in Mu: the Universal Laws at work, as an Orderly Procession of powers creating the Universe and the Earth and whichever cause change.

The Cosmic Forces of Mu, Churchward mocks the sacred cows of modern science and reveals that biological evolution is a myth, that there is no such thing as atomic force, that all disease can be conquered by using appropriately colored light rays, that the Earth’s temperatures and seasons have become inalterably fixed in their present state and that the earth cannot be hurled off into space or drawn into the sun.

Mu was the original home of mankind, and all subsequent civilizations descended from it.  According to Churchward, Mu was a lost continent in the Pacific Ocean, which was destroyed in a global cataclysm tens of thousands of years ago.  Churchward’s Mu was a huge continent, which stretched from Micronesia in the West to Easter Island and Hawaii in the East. The Pacific islands and their inhabitants are supposed to be the last survivors of this primordial motherland.


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