Creating A Spiritual Practice – Cain Carroll


Cain Carroll on Just Energy Radio - 1-29-15-2

Creating A Spiritual Practice
Cain Carroll

Offering a fresh perspective on immediate presence and embodied spiritual practice, Cain Carroll shows how the mindful cultivation of four everyday activities – walking, standing, sitting, and lying down – can be used as formal practice to develop greater vitality and spiritual awakening. He will reveal the subtle inner nuances of these four types of traditional meditation, and shows how they can be practiced as an inclusive system.

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About Cain Carroll

Cain Carroll is a pioneering teacher, speaker and author in the field of self-healing and embodied spirituality. He has studied the martial, healing, and spiritual arts of Asia since childhood. Cain is founder of the Taoflow Yoga system, co-author of Partner Yoga, Mudras of India, Mudras of Yoga Card Deck, and creator of three instructional DVDs: Pain-Free Joints, Heal Neck & Shoulder Pain, and Digestive Power.



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