A Book Of Giants: Myth, Legends, History & Science

Book Of Giants

A Book Of Giants:
Tales Of Very Tall Men Of Myth, Legends, History And Science


by Henry Wysham Lanier

Tales of Giants have fascinated humans for millennia. In A Book of Giants, Henry Wysham Lanier takes the reader on a journey to discover the ancient tales passed down through many cultures. First published in the 19th century, the end of the book examines some real life giants and scientific discoveries. After finishing this book, the reader may very well find himself pondering, “Is there something more to the legends about giants?”

Included in the stories are:

  • How Zeus Fought with Titans and Giants  The Giant Who Shines In The Sky
  • The Outwitting of Polyphemus
  • When Thor Went to Jotunheim
  • The Giant Pyramid-Builder
  • The Fatal Pride of Vukub
  • A Son of Anak
  • The Giant of St. Michael’s Mount
  • The Stone Giantess (North American Indian)

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