Is Bigfoot Real Or Fake: New Evidence Emerges – Don McDonald

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Is There Any Evidence That Bigfoot Is Real?


Few things are more hotly-debated in the Bigfoot community than the Pro-kill vs No-kill topic. It is a subject that tends to bring out the emotions in people, and things can get heated really quick.

In this episode, I will be speaking with Don “Don Don” McDonald a member of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.  GCBRO’s sole focus is to shoot a Big foot in order to prove to the world that Bigfoot exists.  Don and the member of GCBRO are a group of real bigfoot researchers who have been at this for 20 years.  Over the years they have collected numerous real eyewitnesses testimonies and explored real case studies.  Their goal is to help people terrified by Big foot attacks on their homes, pets and farm animals.


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About Don (“Don Don”) McDonald

Don spent 9 years in the Army National Guard as a helicopter mechanic, but has also trained and become proficient in all aspects of combat, hand to hand and weapons training.    Don’s a licensed surveyor with an engineering degree and currently runs his own Civil Engineering firm.  He has a 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do (Master Black Belt) and teaches young kids self-defense and self-esteem through the martial arts.

Don had a Bigfoot encounter as a 12 year old boy: he and a young hunting buddy were out in the woods, when their dog took off. Chasing the dog, they came across the freshly killed shaking body of a hog; when they looked up the tree beside it- they saw the hogs rib bone stuck into the tree : something had smashed/killed the hog and sending a bone12 ft through the air, into the tree.   Following the barking dog- they saw a large ape-like creature (Bigfoot) walking away in a river bottom area, below them. That encounter has driven Don to find the creature, over the last 13 years of Bigfoot Research.


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