Astrology Predictions Identify Healing Gemstone Rings

Gemstone Rings - Astrology - VedicThe Truth Of Gemstone Rings In Vedic Astrology

By Dinesh Sharma

Gemstones or gems are precious stones with benefic influence. Ancient Vedic texts and scriptures indicate gems would influence natives physically and mentally. They yield positive and negative effects on human lives. It has been observed that as each planet is associated to a precious gemstone and every gem has an inner strength to absorb radiation emitted by particular planet. Therefore for yielding maximum benefits, gems of astrologically identified planets are worn.

Each of the planets, in astrology, includes within them certain cosmic rays. While some are high on benefit others are very harmful. Ancient sages of Vedic times discovered different ways to counter or curb harmful effects of malefic stars and planets. It was believed that best remedial processes better than herbs or metals are flawless gems of not more than two carats in weight. These gemstones act like cosmic filters either enhancing beneficial rays or blocking harmful ones.

Gems are given to more potent medicines with inner strength and capability of reducing malefic impacts of planets on native’s life. They also create positive environment for happiness and overall development. They can improve or better the problem areas in one’s life such as fortune, health, profession, finances, emotional issues in relationships, future of children, etc.

These gemstones or rare precious earthly objects originate in two types – soil and earth gems which are seven and ocean gems which are two. While Pearl and Coral are from sea, the other gems like Topaz, Diamond, and Emerald etc. are from below the ground. Natural silica is basic substance of sand. These precious gemstones are seasoned and hardened under surface of earth for many millions of years and have a specific charge emanating as a source of energy influencing man’s anatomy. According to experienced astrologers natural gemstones only can give the benefits to man. According to Vedic astrology, our nine planets represent nine special gemstones, viz, ruby for sun, yellow sapphire for Jupiter, pearl for moon, diamond for Venus, hessonite for Rahu, coral for mars, blue sapphire for Saturn, emerald for mercury, and cat’s eye for Ketu.

Gems put in another meaning are representative of split solar colors or the VIBGYOR. The energy inherent in them is imperative and essential for mankind to perform duties. If any energy is absent then the person finds himself a failure in life. This is like vitamins and minerals required for man to act and live normally. Any deficiency of vitamins is allowed for by taking required medicines and similarly from gemstone advice, any native can heal defects and channelize right spirit in him or her.

Wearing gemstone rings in any finger would not help. These rings are worn in ring finger as name suggests and has scientific background of human anatomy with it. While sources of energies whether physical or mental, are derived from cosmic influences mainly from sun and moon, they enter into our system through the ring finger of our left hand. The ring finger is the one between the middle finger and the little finger. The nerve from the ring finger is directly connected to our cerebellum which is our commanding center of all our physical and mental behaviors. When an astrologer finds deficiency of cosmic energy, he then advocates particular gemstone rings to be worn in ring finger. This helps absorbing the left out energy and reenergizes the cerebellum to act in the required pattern.

Wearing gemstones rings for planetary relief as in today’s prevalent habits is growing rapidly. People who are holding these gemstone rings are benefiting in every area of life, even if it means progress in business, education, and illnesses. These gems activeness is very important in Vedic astrology. These days from Bollywood to industry everyone is taking advantage of gems, gemstones and gemstone rings. It is necessary to know about the gemstone, which is to be worn if that is going to give good or bad effects according to horoscope. Otherwise, in the case of opposition, that can also do harm rather than benefit.


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