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andy jardine Annunaki Genesis

Annunaki Genesis Sheds Light On Information That Has Been Hidden Behind A Veil Of Secrecy


Have you spotted flaws in stories from the Bible.  Have you scratched you head wondering how we really built the pyramids.

In this episode we will be speaking to Andy Jardine about his new book Annunaki Genesis where he will shed some information that has been hidden from us behind a veil of secrecy.

If you are a fan of the MMA, you might know Andy.  He started his martial arts career at the age of 6 and has worked closely in that field for many years.  Interestingly, he has also appeared in a number of films including Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, The Mummy 1 & 2, Robin Hood and Clash of the Titans.


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About Andy Jardine

Andy started judo when he was 6 years old under Roy Inman OBE & Olympic Judo Coach and kickboxing when he was 12, he was Middlesex Schools Judo champion, and London youth games champion, he competed in Judo nearly every weekend for quite some time and became Northern Home Counties senior champion a several times.

At the birth of MMA he got in ju-jitsu through his friend Gary Turner and was selected for the GB team and picked up 2 Silver medals in the world championships in Charleston West Virginia USA. MMA events in 1997 Calling them CFC (Complete Fighting Championships) and in December 2000 began with a new name called Millennium Brawl which featured Ian Freeman v Travis Fulton and launched Freemans career in UFC and also made UFC look at the UK…On March 10th 2000 Andy accompanied Ian Freeman to UFC 24 held at Lake Charles Louisiana USA as his corner man.

After a few years under the Millennium Brawl banner Andy changed the name to Extreme Brawl, and in this time he also launched the career of fighter Mark Weir into UFC after bringing over 3 Americans that Mark beat in succession. Other fighters that have grown up on Extreme Brawl Events and gone on to UFC are, James Zicik after pulling off a draw v Jeremy Horn on Extreme Brawl 4 on the 28th sep 2003. Millennium Brawl (Now Extreme Brawl) was the first UK event to use an Octagon and at one time was the only MMA event in the country for about one year.

Some more names you may know that have been on EB events are Paul Daley, Fabrizio Werdum, Lee Murray, Lee Remedios, James Mc Sweeney, Nate Shroeder to name but a few. Andy was also featured in a few TV documentaries & Books right at the birth of ukmma, natural born fighters by Craig Goldman and No Holds Barred by Clyde gentry Specialties:Firearms, hand to hand combat, Rescue, swimming.

Worked on saving private ryan final battle scene fireing weapons as SS soldier, band of brothers feature as Lt Mattherson, The mummy 1 & 2 as one of the red turbans, actors aid reloading weapon, robin hood as doc worker, clash of the titans as one of the towns people running through the town being destroyed and dodging horses, minimal stunt work and or background, Special Action Performer Film & Tv Credits February 1997 – June 2012 (15 years 5 months)United Kingdom FILM CREDITS Saving private ryan(Fire Arms & Special Action, German SS Division) Saving private ryan(Teaching German language) Band of Brothers(Feature – Lt Mattherson) Band of Brothers(German SS Division) Band of Brothers (Additional easy company US troop) The Mummy 1 The Mummy 2 (Actors aid reloading weapons) The Mummy 2 (Red Turbans) Four Feathers (Arab Warrior) Robin Hood (Docker) Captain America (Military Police) In The Heart of the Sea (Outlaw) Clash of the titans(Running with horses) The Sweeney DVD viral add ( Stunt Driver) Kingsmen – Secret Service ( Driver) In the Heart of the Sea ( Pirate) TV CREDITS In Deep (Prisoner) Ransom (SAS – in charge of live weapons) Dirty Tricks (Uniformed Police)

In addition to his MMA and acting careers, he is the author of the book Annunaki Genesis.


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